Newbie Jobs[1-5 Energy]

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Newbie Jobs[1-5 Energy] Empty Newbie Jobs[1-5 Energy]

Post by ADMIN on Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:19 am

Here are the first jobs you should try.

Bag Packing

Go bag backing at the little world supermarket and help people pack their bags!

Energy: -1
Money: +2$L
Experience: +1
Items Needed:
Special Gains:
Time Duration: 0-2 Days

Sponsored Walk

Get sponsored for doing a walk for charity but have half of the money for yourself!

Energy: -2
Money: Half of what you earn!
Experience: +2
Items Needed: Trainers, Price: 1$L For Low Quality
Special Gains: Charity Armband
Other: You need to get other members to give you little world cash. PM Steven & He will add it to the little world daily game newspaper.
Time Duration: How ever long you want, when the money you have earned seems reasonble.

House Cleaning

Go and clean a little world citizens house and make there house spick and span.

Energy: -3
Money: 5$L
Experience: +3
Items Needed:
Special Gains
Time Duration: 0-2 Days

Newspaper Worker

Deliver the Little World Times to the citizens of little world.

Energy: -5
Money: +6$L
Experience: +4
Items Needed: Bag Price:1$L
Gains: Free Newspaper!
Time Duration: 0-2 Days
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