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Post by ADMIN on Sat May 01, 2010 5:09 am

The Official Little World Game Jobs Guide

Thid guide is all you will ever need to know when you are doing a job in little world game!


To request to do a job just reply to the topic saying which one you would like to do! Unless it is a do it your site in which case you will say that you are doing in then we will tell you excactly what to do!

Do I Have To Accutally Do The Job?

No obviously unless stated otherwise in which case we will give you more information.

Do I Keep Doing The Job?

No you don't although you can request agian, if you want to do jobs that list then go to the different places in the countries!


Yes every day you earn energy points for doing various things and you will get your daily energy allowance the more jobs you do the lower the rate goes!


The more experience you have the better jobs you can do and you can do better things in various little world things!

If you have anymore question please PM Steven! And we will get back to you and we also may put the answer into this guide!

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