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Post by ADMIN on Thu May 27, 2010 12:14 pm

Here are a list of shop suggestions for forums using forum coins earned by posting winning contests ect!

Gold Membership aka V.I.P
Username Change
Email Change
Custom Rank
Custom Rank Image
Chatbox Moderatorship
Custom Forum
Sticky A Post aka Make it an announcement
[Only Topic] aka copyright your post so no one else can post about it on the forum!
Custom Avatar(An avatar created for them!)
Custom Signutare(Same as avatar but in signutare size)
Custom Text(A row of fancy text!)
Custom Smiley(A smiley of your choice added to the smiley list)
Custom Email(A email, if possible)
Custom Page(A custom html page that contains what the member wishes)
Custom Name Image(Get a image put next to your username)
Hidden User(Become a user hidden from normal members)
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