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Staff Needed Urgently Empty Staff Needed Urgently

Post by ADMIN on Sun May 23, 2010 10:02 am


Little world is in need of active staff as I really need some help or we'll never get finished! We have 100 Jobs avilable!


Administrators is the most inportant job of them all! You will have full control of the forum so you will have a lot of jobs to do!

Places: 20
Working Hours: Monday-Friday At least 30 minutes a day!
Experience in administrating on atleast 1 forum!
At least 11 years of age!
Dedication to helping!


Techs fix bugs and do some fancy complicated mind boggling codes!

Places: 10
Working Hours: Thursday At least 1 hour!
Experience in coding
Knowledge of CSS,HTML,Javascript and BBcode
At least 11 years of age!

Game Moderators

Game moderators help create the little world game the biggest online forum task ever!

Places: 70
Working Hours: Monday-Saturday Atleast 1 hour a day!
At least 11 years of age
Head Community Leader
Head Community Leader

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