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Post by ADMIN on Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:01 am


The first thing you need to know about infractions is you don't want them and if you have, you have broke the rules.

Infractions are similar to warnings infact there just about the same!

Warnings tend to have bars to show how many warnings the user has got infractions normally are numbers or a numbered bar.

In this forum you get different amounts of infractions depending on the rule you have broke.

If you break the rules and for example you recive two infractions then if you broke the same rule agian then you would have four infractions or if you broke another rule that resulted in one infraction then it would be added one to the previous infractions.

Five infractions equals a ban depending on what rules you broke.

Only community leaders, community moderators, community support and community graphics can give infractions members,V.I.P's,community spell checkers and banned users can not give infractions and if they say infraction given they will recive one infraction due to breaking the rule backseat modding.

To see the rules click rules:

If you have any more questions please reply to this topic with the question and if we think the answer should be in the FAQ then we will add it.

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